Thursday, May 18, 2023

A Polar Bear T206 Double Name For The Ages: Ty Cobb, SGC 2!

Another long-ago acquired piece of cardboard finally makes its appearance on the blog as I move through a shrinking backlog. At the time of its acquisition, it was the most expensive card I had ever purchased and it remains as such unless I am forgetting something. It's a truly classic item in and out of the hobby that touches on multiple collecting loves I possess. I can't wait to display it down the road once I build some sort of man cave/card room.

Hello Mr. Cobb! This bad boy popped up at auction through REA and eventually my persistence led to it falling into my hands. Cobb T206s are amazingly awesome and I hope to one day add a copy of each of the four poses that exist. While I prefer the two action shots to the two portraits, they are all beautiful pieces of art and adding a tougher back on this Red Portrait was an easy decision, price aside.

Needing the Red and already having it arrive slabbed by SGC as a crease-free 2 were driving factors in my interest turning into action, but the biggest pull on my T206-loving heartstrings is what you see peeking out of the top oversized border. I really like T206 double-names and this Cobb has the full name on the bottom and half of another name at the top, making it the perfect pickup.

Polar Bear backs are absolutely fantastic and the blue really pops. This puts me halfway to this project being completed, as Red now joins Bat On Shoulder!

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  1. From what I've heard about the REA auctions, I imagine you had some stiff competition. Congrats on outlasting said competition and landing yet another really cool card!