Thursday, May 23, 2024

A Shoeless Joe Jackson Is Finally Mine!

It only took well over a decade of collecting for me to finally land a piece featuring a baseball legend and tough hobby target: Shoeless Joe Jackson. I almost certainly could have picked up more conventional items for reasonable prices had I focused on this goal earlier on, but things happen and players are missed. Owning one now is better than not owning one at all.

I can always find a card down the road when money is more plentiful or the market allows, but for now this sweet 1911 Spalding Guide Baseball Team page pairing the Cleveland Naps and Boston Red Sox will certainly do. Shoeless Joe only has but so many items and none are that affordable, so oddball was likely always going to be the direction I went in. I am a huge fan of these Spalding pages so adding one was always a solid path to finding a Jackson piece to add to my collection.

The added bonus of Joe bringing along some recognizable friends in Cy Young, Nap Lajoie, Addie Joss, Elmer Flick, and Harry Hooper was icing on the random vintage goodness cake.

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