Friday, May 17, 2024

A Modern Jackie Robinson Card

A rare modern item is today's featured piece of cardboard. Back when I still worked at PSA I went through a phase of submitting a lot of stuff I would not submit today. I was bored, it was Covid, and I was working a ton so more money was coming into my pockets. If I thought it would be cool in a slab I sent it in.

And then PSA decided to PSA and this awesome Jackie Robinson 2018 Allen & Ginter mini returned as a 10....but incorrectly labeled. Why would anyone working there in multiple departments know that the A&G back is a variation and it needs to be on the label itself? Of course they wouldn't -- it's not a billion-dollar industry-leading card company or anything that we're talking about.

And it's not like PSA has multiple departments who handle every card and could catch such a mistake, saving me from having to send it back in for a mechanical error. The card eventually returned correct, but if it sounds like I'm annoyed after seeing dumb shit like this for years while working there....well, you'd be correct in feeling that about my mood with that company.

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