Sunday, May 12, 2024

T206 Add: SGC Kaiser Wilhelm, with Bat

Here's the final T206 I subbed with SGC from my initial foray into their grading services. Kaiser Wilhelm has two poses in the set and as a Dodger he was always going to be an essential player for me to fully acquire and add to my Monster PC.

The Kaiser Hands at Chest pose happens to be the first ever T206 I landed over 11 years ago so it is only fitting that card is finally paired up alongside the With Bat version. I like this one a lot more based on the color and the pose itself, although the pitching card is nice as well.

Kaiser hated the nickname Kaiser; holds the disputed minor league record for consecutive scoreless innings with over 70; was a teammate of Honus Wagner in the Interstate League; threw a spitball and did not want to pitch on Sundays for religious reasons; and ended his career as a scout and coach, including stints as Philadelphia Phillies' and University of Rochester skipper.

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  1. The clarity and the colors on this one are really impressive.