Pentafecta [noun]: Owning - for one player - a rookie card, relic (bat piece, jersey swatch, shoe, glove, etc), autograph, patch, and any 1/1. More background information can be found by following the below Russell Martin link.

Russell Martin

Matt Kemp

Clayton Kershaw

Ryan Getzlaf

LaDainian Tomlinson

Corey Seager


  1. Love the pentafecta idea! I'm glad I was able to start something that a lot of bloggers like to use!

  2. It was a great idea Drew! I'm happy I could add a little twist to it, and a twist that gets the approval of the originator haha!

  3. I plan on completing one of these of JP Arencibia - I just acquired a black printing plate via trade. However, he has no patch card. Quadrafecta!

  4. Hi Greg,

    I'd visited your site and made some comment posts about a year ago. Long story short, my Google Blogger account was hacked and I lost the first iteration of my blog, The Underdog Card Collector. After the frustration has worn off of losing everything, I'm back at it (this time through Wordpress).

    Well, more than all that, I wanted to let you know that your blog here was in no small way part of the inspiration to get blogging again. Week in and week out you post some of the most stellar cardboard known to man, and even though I'm not a hockey collector, you sure make for a strong case to be one!

    I've added to my Pentafecta collection, and I'm hoping you'll head over to my site and take a look. I believe there are a few there that you might enjoy.

    Thanks and keep up the phenomenal cardboard finds and posts!

    Zach, The Underdog Card Collector

  5. Zach,

    Good to hear from you again! Sorry to hear about the old site but glad to see you're back.

    Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it! I took a look, you've got yourself some amazing cards yourself man!

    Let's spread the Pentafecta worldwide haha!