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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Notes From Saturday's Game

  1. Before leaving the game after being hit in the head, Hiroki Kuroda pitched 5 innings, allowing 3 hits and 1 ER while walking none and striking out one. He threw 72 pitches, 50 for strikes. Kuroda seems to have avoided major damage from the blow to the head (video included in the link). Best wishes to Hiroki and his family.
  2. Russell Martin and James Loney each had the night off. Loney came in as a defensive replacement in the 10th.
  3. Matt Kemp walked twice and stole two bases.
  4. It was announced before the game that Charlie Haeger and Chad Billingsley are scheduled to pitch Monday and Tuesday, respectively.
  5. Though I'm sure many have lost faith in Jonathan Broxton, the only thing that worries me is his toe injury. He still K'd 2 in his one inning of work, and before the 2 HRs he gave up tonight, he had given up a grand total of 2 HRs in his previous 51.2 IP this season. I see this as a case of which sample size you believe in - his 18.2 IP (excluding tonight) from June 20th to August 10th, or his 33.0 IP from the beginning of the season to June 16th? Even with the toe injury and the uncertainty it brings, I still believe in the Broxton of the 33 IP, the Broxton whose career looks like this (excluding tonight):
IP: 292.2
ERA: 3.01
ERA+: 146
SO: 382
SO/9 IP: 11.7
HR: 17
HR/9 IP: 0.5
FIP: 2.59

Jonathan Broxton's xFIP each year, beginning with his rookie season of 2005:

4.06 (13.7 IP)
3.33 (76.3 IP)
(82.0 IP)
2.91 (69.0 IP)
2.32 (51.7 IP)

Unless his toe falls off, I have full confidence in the big man to get the job done. Small sample sizes are often misleading and detrimental in player evaluation.

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