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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Notes From Wednesday's Game (VIDEO UPDATE)

  1. Weaver's day detailed here at the bottom of the post.
  2. How badly do you have to manage a game to, by the 10th inning, be out of position players and have gone through pretty much the whole bullpen?
  3. As I was in the process of typing, Mota gave it up. On the bright side, this was pretty much a throw-away-game to begin with, what with it being Lincecum vs. Weaver/Bullpen.
  4. Charlie Haeger did not get into the game. Shame. He'll probably be sent back to AAA tonight.


Oh, and this happened.

Both benches cleared. No punches were thrown. Video Here. Giants announcers, and did I miss the memo that banned pitching inside?


  1. Forgot about the position players being burned up. A really confusing managing approach in this one.

  2. Yeah, I find myself saying that a lot after games. Oh well. 6 1/2 games is still dynamite.

    Plus a comeback against Lincecum is always a good confidence booster.