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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Snag With Tony Abreu Trade?

The Tony Abreu-Jon Garland trade, where Abreu had basically been confirmed as the player to be named later going to Arizona, appears to have hit a snag on the D-Backs end.

Abreu has also resumed playing at AAA, though that could also be because he was claimed on waivers, forcing the Dodgers to pull him back and wait until the off-season to complete the deal.

There is apparently a list of players the D-Backs would be willing to accept if Abreu didn't make the cut, and if Ned Colletti ends up including someone even better than Abreu, I may just have to take matters into my own hands and dispose* of Ned.

Ned has a history of selling top prospects short and not getting anywhere near sufficient value back for them, and it would shock no one if he did it again.

It is now time to pray. Pray for the future remaining in Dodger Blue.

* And by dispose, I mean send him to some distant land, not the Sopranos kind of dispose.*

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