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Friday, October 9, 2009

Dodgers-Diamondbacks Complete Jon Garland Trade

The Dodgers and D-Backs have completed the August 31st Jon Garland trade, sending the man rumored all along to be the PTBNL, Tony Abreu, out to the desert.

As I stated when this trade was first consummated, it's an overpayment for a mediocre pitcher in Garland who, yes, we could have done without. Did Garland pitch well, sure (3.82 xFIP, 3.73 FIP, 2.72 ERA, 6.4 SO/9 IP in 36.1 IP), but he also had the great fortune to face Arizona, Arizona, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Pittsburgh, and San Diego in his 6 starts in Dodger Blue. When those are the 6 teams you're facing, the story would be not pitching well.

Ned Colletti doesn't understand value, especially the value of prospects, a point I've mentioned once or twice:
Ned has a history of selling top prospects short and not getting anywhere near sufficient value back for them, and it would shock no one if he did it again.

Oops, he did it again.

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