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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

YES! Juan Pierre Has Been Traded! (UPDATES)

Juan Pierre has been traded to the White Sox, according to Tim Brown and Ken Rosenthal.

Brown reports the Dodgers will pick up about half of Pierre's remaining salary, and will acquire two minor league pitchers.

Dylan Hernandez Tweets the minor leaguers will be named later.

Buster Olney Tweets the breakdown of salary as: $8 million to be paid by the White Sox, $10.5 million to be paid by the Dodgers.

As the title of this post clearly demonstrates, I am ecstatic at this news. Now, I just hope Xavier Paul wins the 4th outfielder job over Jason Repko, which appears to be more of a challenge than it should be due to the Dodgers love affair with Repko.

I don't really even care who we get back in return for Pierre (though hopefully there's some nice upside with the two minor leaguers); I'm just thrilled Juan Pierre is no longer a Dodger.

You can follow along and stay up to date with this transaction through MLB Trade Rumors and their excellent coverage.

UPDATE: Eric Stephen over at True Blue LA gives his take on the trade, including the statistical information I was too lazy to link to, though that information should be known by everyone today. Shockingly, many don't understand baseball statistics, or just choose to ignore them when it comes to Juan Pierre, using awful statistics like batting average and steals.

UPDATE # 2: Jon Morosi of FOX Sports Tweets that, according to a "source", the prospects coming to LA are John Ely, 23, and Jon Link, 25.

UPDATE # 3: Jayson Stark reports that the pitchers the Dodgers will acquire are likely to be ready to hit the show in 2010, which lends credence to the pitchers being Ely and Link, as Morosi reported. Ely has already reached AA, while Link has reached AAA. Ely has over a 3:1 strikeout to walk ratio and has struck out roughly 8/9 IP in his minor league career, while Link has struck out more than a batter per inning and has an almost 3:1 strikeout to walk ratio in his minor league career.

UPDATE # 4: The Dodgers have announced the trade. The players to be named later will be announced no later than January 7th of 2010. I'm hoping the players are Ely and Link, or at least comparable players. Ely and Link in particular make me love this deal even more than I already do.

UPDATE # 5: Juan Pierre looks baller with that mustache in the above photo. I'd like him a bit more if he grew it back. Not enough to want him on the team, but hey, it would be a start (again, a start that didn't end with him on the Dodgers).

UPDATE # 6: Jon Weisman over at Dodger Thoughts gives his take on the Pierre trade. A great read.

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