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Friday, January 15, 2010

Joe Torre Doesn't Watch Dodger Games

Or know how to check for simple statistics on the internet.

Joe Torre believes Manny wasn't the same after his suspension. Well, a simple check of stats will show us that while that's technically true, it's a very misleading statement.

Manny wasn't the same after being hit on the hand with a Homer Bailey fastball on July 21st. Yes, that is technically after his suspension, but the statement that "he wasn't the same after his suspension" is wholly disingenuous and implies that he saw a drop off solely because he was no longer juicing.

His numbers from 3 periods of time in 2009:

April 6th - May 6th
  • 27 Games
  • 120 plate appearances
  • .492 OBP
  • .641 SLG%
  • 1.133 OPS
  • 15 XBH
  • 26 BB/17 SO
July 3rd - July 21st
  • 15 Games
  • 56 plate appearances
  • .429 OBP
  • .688 SLG%
  • 1.116 OPS
  • 8 XBH
  • 7 BB/10 SO
July 22nd - October 3rd
  • 62 Games
  • 255 plate appearances
  • .380 OBP
  • .448 SLG%
  • .829 OPS
  • 22 XBH
  • 38 BB/54 SO

Manny was pretty good right after coming back from suspension but before getting plunked on his hand. And while Manny was clearly not as good, his post-taking-a-fastball-to-the-hand stretch of games was still pretty damn productive, and his OBP, SLG%, and OPS from those games are still better than anything Juan Pierre has done in his apparently "illustrious" career.

Career of mediocrity is more like it. Hayoh!

This isn't even a discussion anymore, so can we please stop saying "Manny was awful" or "Manny was bad after his suspension". Please?


  1. if you think an 829 OPS is good for a cleanup hitter who was paid 25 mil for a full season salary, you might not be watching the games.

  2. Considering he was nailed on the hand with a mid-90s fastball, and is 37ish, it's pretty damn good.

    He was never going to produce a full season like his 2nd half of 2008.

    Never. Ever. Ever.