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Friday, January 22, 2010

Vicente Padilla Returns To The Dodgers

On a 1-year deal worth $5.025 million.

$4.025 million is the base salary, with Padilla also receiving $1 million as a signing bonus.

Dylan Hernandez Tweets some contract details.

Last we saw of Padilla, he was shooting himself (or was shot) in the leg while in Nicaragua.

I would much rather go with some combination of Charlie Haeger/James McDonald/Scott Elbert/Josh Lindblom to fill out the 4th and 5th rotation spots, or attempt to sign Ben Sheets, then bring back the mediocre at best Padilla, who, at 33 years of age, sports a career FIP of 4.45 and has only struck out 6.20/9 IP while walking 3.22/9 IP over his 11-year career.

There really is nothing that Padilla can do that one of the young arms in the organization can't do, and adding in the significantly higher upside of the aforementioned young arms makes this deal even more unnecessary in my eyes.

On second thought, they probably can't shoot themselves in the leg in Nicaragua. So at least Vicente has that going for him.


  1. I have a bullet in my leg and it never hurt my ERA.

  2. But if your ERA, FIP, and xFIP are all atrocious to begin with, the bullet doesn't really matter.

    Oh, and I'd take you over Padilla in a heartbeat, because you would make me laugh and forget about the actual pitching and game.