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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Finally, Someone Who Realizes You Don't Get Credit For Not Being A Complete Tard (UPDATE)

Sports Illustrated's Tim Marchman released his rankings of all 30 General Managers, and our boy Neddy clocks in at Number 26 on his list.

Here's what Marchman wrote:
The Dodgers have done well under Colletti, but that seems to have been to some extent despite him, given bizarre moves like his signings of Juan Pierre and Andruw Jones and his trade of catching prospect Carlos Santana for fill-in third baseman Casey Blake. You only get so much credit for not trading the likes of Matt Kemp and Clayton Kershaw for fourth outfielders.
Dead on my friend.

Just think though, how sweet would it have been to get up one morning and see that Ned traded Matt Kemp AND Clayton Kershaw for Melky Cabrera. Don't tell me you wouldn't have seized upon hearing that news.

Seized and died.

UPDATE: As the astute M.Brown points out in the comments, Marchman incorrectly numbered his rankings. So Ned actually clocks in at Number 27. I should probably read things more carefully in the future.


  1. Look at the numbers again. Sherlock does not know how to count.

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