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Friday, April 2, 2010

Haeger Wins 5th Starter Spot

Charlie Haeger has been named the 5th starter.

I don't often say this, but Joe Torre, great decision there buddy.

This from Joe on the decision:

"We'll give him a shot at it," Torre said. "You have to pick somebody and of the pitchers we still have in camp, the Ortizes, I'm comfortable that if need be they can work out of the bullpen."

And Haeger's reaction to the news:

"I feel like a little kid," Haeger said. "I just feel happy. It's like a dream come true. I've been waiting for an opportunity like this for a long time and it's finally here."

"Joe expressed that he liked the way that I threw and the composure on the mound and that was enough for him," Haeger said. "Obviously, coming from a guy like Joe, as highly regarded as he is in baseball, it gave me motivation to work hard in the offseason."

"I think I threw the ball well in Spring Training and I feel good about that," Haeger said. "It makes me feel good heading into the regular season, and physically I feel ready. The next step is to have a good season and try to bring a World Series here."

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