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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Matt Kemp, Beast Of A Man

The Matt Kemp-Ned Colletti feud has been covered literally everywhere, and there's really no point in me breaking it down and giving my thoughts to each and every quote from Kemp, Colletti, and Dave Stewart, Kemp's agent, when they can be summed up fairly simply:

  • Matt Kemp is a BEAST.
  • Dave Stewart is spot on by pointing Ned's fat little finger back at Ned himself.
  • Ned Colletti is a douchebag, no-talent having GM who's fortunate to even be in a position to criticize others. If this ridiculousness he has brought on the team in any way, shape, or form causes Matty to leave at the first chance he gets, we all need to seriously riot and put Ned on trial. Old-timey trial, if you catch my drift. Think Medieval. Of course, if Ned still has his job by then, that in and of itself is cause for action.

I'll end with a Tweet of mine sent to Roberto from Vin Scully Is My Homeboy (which he was kind enough to re-Tweet -- much thanks) in response to why Colletti would even bring this situation upon himself:

@rbaly79 I get it Roberto. Ned Colletti's an incompetent jackass who's supremely lucky to even have a job, let alone a stupid 5-year deal.


  1. Do I sense some anger towards Ned?

    I feel you bro. Ned sucks.

  2. I am at a similar point of dissatisfaction.

  3. Tonight's miscue was unfortunate mainly in terms of timing, and it's still not why we lost.

    Ned is so lucky to just be employed, and yet he won't get fired for this bull.

    Amazing really.