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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Vicente Padilla To DL, Jon Link Recalled

According to a Tweet from Dylan Hernandez, Vicente Padilla is the next Dodger to spend time on the DL, as a sore forearm will shelve him for at least 15 days.

Jon Link, he of the 2 scoreless innings in his only appearance, has been recalled.

It will be interesting to see who replaces Padilla in the rotation. I fear it will be Ramon Ortiz. Aside from utilizing a 4-man rotation (unlikely), it looks like it may be Link, though he's really best suited to be a reliever.


  1. Link has probably had more scoreless innings than Padilla!

  2. I'm glad Link is coming back. I hope Ramon Ortiz doesn't start.

  3. Yeah, we know what we'll get from Ramon. Mediocrity at best is the most likely outcome. At least Link or Monasterios have the potential for something better.

    But it will probably be Ramon. Let's just be happy it's not Russ.

    Dusty- That's an interesting question, I'll look it up. It'll probably be closer than it should be haha.

  4. Dusty- Somehow Padilla has 13 scoreless innings.