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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dodgers Links On A Saturday Night

Joe Torre has confidence in Charlie Haeger as his 5th starter. As he should: Charlie Knuckles can eat a ton of innings, provide relief support in between starts if necessary, which he has already done once this season, and when that knuckleball is dancing, can mow 'em down, to the tune of 12 strikeouts in his first start on April 11th against the Marlins. [Link not working, it was from the Dodgers Official Site]

Manny Ramirez has returned to LA for treatment on his injured calf. He was in the dugout for Friday's game, but will miss the rest of the road trip. [Manny Returns To LA For Treatment]

Chad Billingsley and confidence. Bleh. kensai over at Memories Of Kevin Malone has this one right: mechanics and pitch selection are ailing Chad. I'll include some thoughts from Torre regarding Bills. [Confidence Eluding Billingsley Early On]
"His stuff is good," said Torre. "We have a tendency to make such an issue of pitch count and throwing strikes, that you can become too concerned with that instead of trusting when he lets it go."

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