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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Angels To Introduce Anaheim Versions Of Dodger Dog

The Angels are introducing their versions of the Dodger Dog, called "Halo Grillers" and "Rally Brats".

Descriptions, you ask? Why yes, I have them right here:

Due to this success, the Angels and Villa Roma are making these products available to their fans to enjoy anytime.

The first products to be introduced are the Halo Grillers, a hot Italian sausage, and Rally Brats, a pork bratwurst. The sausages are fresh and natural and contain no preservatives, nitrates or MSG. Villa Roma Sausages are produced locally in Ontario, Calif.

The news comes to me via a Tweet from so company I've never heard of. Good old Twitter, keeping me up to date on all of my sausage needs.

Wait, that didn't come out right.

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