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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Blake DeWitt Could Be Heading To The Minors

When Rafael Furcal returns, we could very well see Blake DeWitt sent down to AAA, instead of the obvious choice of Nick Green. Don't believe me? Here are Joe Torre's words, which obviously carry a lot of weight:
"Got Green, who came up, or DeWitt, who has an option," Torre said. "DeWitt's done ... well, no question, just a matter of what road do you want to take in the immediate future? ... Please don't take the ball and run with this on this one."
Well Joe, if you don't want people taking the ball and running with it, don't float an entirely idiotic, ridiculously stupid idea out into the media firestorm that would obviously follow. Who cares if we lose Nick Green? I mean really, Nick Green? The same Nick Green who is 31 years old; has no upside; no room for growth; is a horrid offensive player; nothing special defensively at second base, where he would almost certainly see most of his playing time with Furcal back and DeWitt sent down (career UZR/150 of 0.9 at 2B); and has .307 career OBP? This Nick Green is worth keeping? Color me dumbfounded and utterly shocked.

Shocked that Nick Green is considered valuable, not shocked that it's the Dodgers that see value in keeping Nick Green, in keeping this type of over-the-hill, never good to begin with player, over a younger player with significantly more upside, who also happens to be playing significantly better now to begin with.

Blake DeWitt is young, can play 2 positions (third base especially well), and has potential, upside, and room to grow. Entering Saturday's game (in which he had a 2-run triple), he had a .359 OBP, and hasn't even been hitting the ball as well as we know he's capable of.

Nick Green is horrible, plain and simple. This isn't even a decision. Green's demotion, which could result in him returning to AAA if he clears waivers, or his loss if another team claims him, should be a matter of when, not if. It should be an unquestioned inevitability.

I'm going to give the Dodgers the benefit of the doubt and say that when Furcal returns, Green will be DFA'd and DeWitt will stay. But if Green is kept over DeWitt, the pattern of awful decisions by the Dodgers will have continued, in perhaps previously unseen idiocy.


  1. Yes, yes it is.

    I almost died reading that news.

    This is why I sometimes hate the Dodgers with a passion.

    How can you be afraid to lose Nick Green?

  2. NICK GREEN!?!?

    /he sucks almost as much as Gar-Out Anderson, and that's hard to do

  3. Where's Torre's HEAD? There's no way Nick's upside can match that of Blake,who impressed me greatly since last season.

  4. Well, it IS the Dodgers, logic isn't always a consideration. Nick Green doesn't even have an iota of upside.

    This would be a monumentally stupid decision.