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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Matt Kemp and Assorted Mailday

This is the package I mentioned in my mailday post from about a month ago. 6 items, one of which is Dodgers-related. Off we go:

I sent the Fielder off in a trade with
Cardboard Heaven for Dodgers stuff.

Numbered 24/99.


  1. Yu Darvish. Nice.

    I like the CP3 card. Do you collect basketball cards too?

  2. Yeah, that Darvish is nice. Didn't even know they made a card of him.

  3. DB, not a big basketball guy, but I like Paul, it's a very nice looking card, and it was just a buck or so plus like a quarter to ship.

    DB & DN- Saw the Darvish, cheap and looks pretty sweet, and had to grab it. I had no idea it existed previously as well.