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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Trade With My Cardboard Mistress: Matt Kemp and Clayton Kershaw

I completed another trade, this time with Adam from My Cardboard Mistress. I sent him a 2009 Allen & Ginter National Pride # 3, Jason Bay. I've ripped exactly one pack from 2009 A&G, so I'd say it was definitely a good pack (it also included a black bordered mini and a David Wright card - thanks semi-valuable Target Value Pack!). I also sent along a 2010 Topps Heritage Mark Reynolds, a 2010 A&G This Day In History B.J. Upton, and a 2010 A&G base card of Michael Cuddyer.

In return, Adam sent me two Matt Kemp cards and two Clayton Kershaw cards.

My first XFractor. I like the look of the card.
Helps that it's Matt Kemp, of course.

Thanks again Adam, I love the cards. Hope you enjoyed what I sent along, and I look forward to our next trade.


  1. Ahh yes, I love the refractors and x-fractors. I had a few in my day, including a 2003 Bowman Chrome Billingsley auto rookie refractor. That was sweet.

  2. That Kershaw Suns card is sick. Your Kershaw/Kemp collection is looking nice.

  3. Glad you like your cards. I'm a big fan of xfractors as well.

  4. Dustin- That Billingsley card sounds sick, I need to get me one now haha. And I just realized you wrote auto. Damn, damn, damn!

    DB- I like minor league cards, don't know why but something about them. They're unique, I suppose. And my Kemp/Kershaw collection is coming along nicely, thanks to everyone I've traded with haha.

    Adam- Thanks again, much appreciated.