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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Trade With The Daily Dimwit: Russell Martin, John Wooden, 2010 Ginter

Sam from The Daily Dimwit and I have traded once before, and as awesome as that trade was, this trade easily tops it. Sam came through with some Dodger Mojo, pulling a sick Russell Martin jersey/auto card from a pack. He offered it up, and I pounced on it - in fact, I was the only one to show any interest in the card. I sent him eighteen 1978 Topps cards from his Want List, the last card he needed to complete 2010's Allen & Ginter offering (Derek Holland SP), and a Morgan Ensberg RC Auto. Sam's already posted his end of the trade. Here's what he sent my way:

2009 UD Baseball Series 1 Game Jersey/Auto, 15/35

This sweet John Wooden from 2008 Donruss Sports Legends:


New additions to my Martin and Broxton collections, both from 2009 Upper Deck:

Sam also knocked off 15 cards (8 of them Short Prints!) I needed towards completing my 2010 Ginter Base Set + SPs. My Want List is currently up-to-date; if you've got something on there and are willing to part with it, hit me up and let's trade.

Thanks for another great trade Sam, I appreciate it! Until our next swap....


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  1. You wouldn't have been the only one if I had seen it. Where was I?

  2. Working? Off doing night owl-y things?

  3. As a Yankees fan, is Russell Martin a good buy. I really don't know much about him as a player. Posada has been a disaster behind the plate the last several years. Is Martin the full-time, longtime answer?

  4. Martin's far better defensively than Posada and gets on-base at a good clip for a catcher. He's been over-worked and run into the ground, and his power's continued to decrease over the last few years.

    He'll help the Yankees, but I don't see him holding off Montero and Romine for that long, no matter how well he plays.

    Martin's definitely a starter somewhere in the league though.