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Monday, February 28, 2011

1953 Topps Al Rosen + 1959 Topps

There's a small crease on the bottom right corner, and the bottom left corner is a bit soft, and as a result has begun to try and peel itself away. Overall, the card's in great condition, and I won it for the paltry sum of $2.75, with three fiddy for shipping. The seller listed it as in "very good condition", and I would agree with his assessment.

That old-school Indians logo is nails. A wee bit racist/politically incorrect? Undoubtedly, though Topps may not have intended it to be so. But awesome nevertheless? I would certainly say so.

I also picked up 16 1959 Topps cards from the same seller in three separate lots (99 cents for each lot). I'm keeping six if memory serves, and the rest are available to be had. I'm too lazy to list them/steal the eBay seller's scans, so if I'm engaged in trade talks with you and have one I think you might like, I'll let you know. You are of course more than welcome to inquire about them as well. Two have already been dealt away.


Head on over to Hoopography, where Charles is giving away some pretty sweet looking basketball cards. Contest ends this Friday, so hurry and enter.


  1. Great card at a great price. You were right, he deserved at least one comment!