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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Trade With It's like having my own Card Shop: Duke Snider TTM Auto

I came across It's like having my own Card Shop a while back. I eventually noticed that Daniel has an extensive Brandon Webb collection. I had at some point pulled an A&G-back mini of Webb from 2010's Ginter offering, and I sent Daniel an e-mail offering him the mini, as well as Webb's base card from the same set.

Now comes the fun part, as I noticed that Daniel has a nice history of TTM successes. After perusing his various through-the-mail autos, I saw that he had three of a certain Dodgers legend. I was not sure if he'd be willing to part with one, but figured there was no harm in asking. I e-mailed him about the Webbs, and told him what I was interested in. Before receiving his response, I saw that he also collects bat relics of members of the 500 home run club. He was short a Rafael Palmeiro bat relic, so I picked one up from my local shop, e-mailed him to let him know I could also offer up that card, and waited.

To my delight, he responded and said that he'd be willing to trade me one of the TTM autos I sought after. I sent away the aforementioned cards - along with some assorted D-Backs cards - and received this in return:

As Ernest from Blue Heaven recently wrote, no Dodger collection is complete without an autograph from the Duke of Flatbush.

Daniel was also kind enough to throw in some extra cards, including a few which I previously did not have for three of my player collections.

Thanks Daniel, enjoy the cards that have hopefully already arrived! I hope we trade again in the future.


  1. Glad you like the Snider auto and the other Dodgers! Thanks for the bat card, Webbs and other D-backs cards. I'll be posting about them soon!

  2. The Snider is ridiculously awesome!

    Thanks again Daniel!