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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Trade With All Your Base Cards Belong To Us: Kevin Love and Shawn Marion

I don't like doubling up on posts on any day, but given how far behind on posting trades and the like I am, I think I have no choice. So the second trade post of the day is here. The first was courtesy of Steve from 25 Years of Baseball, who sent me an auto in exchange for 139 cards.

The second comes from TJ of All Your Base Cards Belong To Us. TJ put out the call for trading partners, and after seeing a pair of relics he had available, I answered the call. In exchange for jersey relics of Brandon Roy and Vince Carter, TJ sent me jersey relics of Kevin Love and Shawn Marion.


This marks the second Kevin Love relic /99 from 2010 National Treasures I've picked up. As with 2010 Ginter relics of Matt Kemp, I'll take as many of these as I can get my hands on. Love the purple swatch and elegant look of the card. The Marion is my first relic of his in hand, as Cam from The Bullpen Cardboard traded me one as well, and I'm just waiting on that bubble mailer so I can post it. Love the action shot on this 07-08 Fleer Ultra Scoring Kings relic. The swatch is from an All-Star Game appearance, and is game-used.

Thanks for the trade TJ! Hope to swap cards again in the future.


  1. Cool cards. I don't collect basketball cards, but I like looking at them! Actually I just read your post about the trade with me...I'm glad you liked the cards I sent and I am really glad the CSN code worked out well for you! I got your trade package and the cards are great. Thanks again!

  2. Glad the cards arrived and were to your liking, and thanks again for another great trade!