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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Trade With The Lost Collector: Kemp, Kershaw, Martin, 2011 Topps Opening Day

AJ of The Lost Collector collects Tino Martinez. I had a Tino he did not have (1993 Topps Gold), and e-mailed him about sending it his way. In exchange for the Tino and some random Yankees, I received new additions to my Matt Kemp, Clayton Kershaw, Russell Martin, and Chad Billingsley collections. The Kershaw and Bills are from 2011 Topps Opening Day, and they were joined by a friend, Tommy Hanson.

Thanks AJ, hope to trade again! I'll keep you in mind if I come across anything else Tino-related.


  1. Looking forward to trading again in the near future. Thanks for the Gold Tino!

  2. Definitely more trading to come. Glad you enjoyed the Tino, thanks for the Kemp, Kershaw, Martin, and the rest!