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Monday, April 4, 2011

A Few Thank Yous

Just wanted to say thank you to a few fine bloggers who sent me cards and asked for nothing in return.

First up is K-Dog from The Mojo Beard. He busted a box of 2010-2011 Crown Royale Hockey and pulled a sweet Ryan Getzlaf purple parallel /25. I inquired about the card and he agreed to send it my way, but did not want me to send him anything in return. Instead of trading for the card, he simply wanted to spread the card love, as it were, since Panini sent him the box for free to review. The Mojo Beard is one of the finest blogs out there - not that you need me to tell you that - they do a fantastic job in all aspects of the blogging game.


Next up is Dan from The Other World. He held a contest revolving around Card Love, and my entry was my acquisition of Roy Campanella's 1950 Bowman card, my previous White Whale. Dan sent a little something to each of the five people who participated; I received a handful of Dodgers and three unopened packs. A coupe of nice additions to various player collections came from the assortment of Dodgers he sent my way. Thanks Dan!

And finally, a while back I won a contest over at Sports Card Info for a Pau Gasol jersey card /399. I ended up sending it off in a trade with Fuji, but I just wanted to say gracias to Ross for holding that and all of the great contests he runs, and say thanks for sending it my way!


  1. That Getzlaf parallel is sweet looking! I'm a huge fan of the product, which is weird... since I hated Crown Royale in the late 90's early 2000's.

  2. Panini certainly did Crown Royale right this year Fuji.

    Thanks again Kevin!

  3. I will keep an eye open for Dodgers for you.

  4. Fantastic Kevin, I appreciate it! If I come across anything I think you'd like, I'll let you know.