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Monday, April 18, 2011

Matt Kemp/Manny Ramirez 2009 Topps Unique Dual Distinction Relics

For a paltry $5.25 shipped - with a winning bid of two bucks and a quarter - this sweet card from 2009 Topps Unique is mine. I've already expressed my affection for Unique, and how was I going to pass up this card, featuring my favorite player and primary collection, and the man who was the best offensive player during his stint in Los Angeles and at times forgot how to speak English?

I wasn't, that's how. It was preordained that five bucks and a quarter would leave my wallet and head to some eBayer who was kind enough to get rid of this beautiful card.


I do believe a certain someone who follows this here blog has this same card, of the 17/99 variety.

Oh, and in honor of yesterday's exciting win, the most awesome shirt to ever be awesomely created makes another appearance.

Rockin' this bad boy on campus today. The ladies will love it. Well, they'll probably walk right past me like they always do, but deep down, I know they'll see this shirt.


The great Wicked from My Past Time.......I Love It!! has recently joined the world of Facebook. And in doing so, has decided to give away a signed football. Cause he's the greatest, if you didn't already know that. We're currently completing trades two and three. Because he seriously has the greatest Trade Bait known to man.

Anyways, go like his Facebook page and enter his contest!


  1. SICK shirt. I might have to get one too...

    Also, just posted your end of our trade. Thanks again for the cards! Definitely enjoyed them.