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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Box Break: 2008 TriStar Prospects Plus (BIG, BIG HIT + Trade Bait)

I could have also titled this post "I'd Make A Killing If This Were Still 2008". That's not to say I wasn't happy with this box, because I am quite elated with it. It's only the second box I've every busted, I got some really nice hits, and I also picked up some cards to include in trades I'm presently working on. It's just that this box would have been pretty dynamite in 2008.

The box was a great deal, as I picked it up for under $30, and it guarantees nine hits: four autographs, one relic, and four serial numbered cards numbered to 50 or less. There are 20 packs, and six cards per pack. The checklist features a lot of great names, including Posey, Alonso, Smoak, Hosmer, Matusz, Gordon Beckham, Ike Davis, Pedro Alvarez, and 2008 #1 overall draft pick Tim Beckham.

The only disappointing thing about the checklist is that it does not include Carlos Santana, which I find a bit odd.

So, without further adieu, here's how I did. I'll start with the hits, and in particular the last hit I pulled, which was the best hit I pulled. Oh, and I apologize ahead of time for the horrendous glare on some of the corners of the cards. I did my best, but this is simply more proof that I desperately need to get a scanner.


A cut auto of 2008's #1 overall pick, Tim Beckham. I'm positive it would have been far easier to just have him sign the actual card instead of a piece of paper which TriStar then cut and pasted onto the card, but whatever. This would of course have been a much bigger hit three years ago, but I figure when I finally do move the card - whether via trade or eBay - I'll recoup something I'll like more, be it cards or dolla (dolla?) bills.

Logan Forsythe, Padres

Bryan Shaw, Diamondbacks

Charlie Blackmon, Rockies

Josh Vitters, Cubs

Matt Pederson has first dibs on the Vitters, as we're working on a trade.

Now, we move to the serial-numbered cards.

Gordon Beckham, 11/50

Tyler Ladendorf, 5/5

Ladendorf was drafted by the Twins, but was dealt to the A's in exchange for Orlando Cabrera. This is going to Mojo, who I still owe cards to.

The Beckham and Ladendorf are some sort of die-cut dealio. They're pretty cool looking, regardless of the short-printing aspect.

15/25, 13/25

Pete Ruiz of the Red Sox is reserved for Mike Travers if he wants it, as we're very close to finishing off another trade.

The Forsythe, Shaw, and Blackmon Autos are all available, as is the Gutierrez /25. For the time being, I'm going to hold on to the T. Beckham - and hope he makes it to the show, at the least - and the G. Beckham, because I believe he's a far better player than his current numbers would suggest. Of course, you could always wow me with an offer. I'm open to being wowed.

The base set is only 150 cards deep, and I ended up with 109 of those base cards, with no duplicates (hooray TriStar!). Thusly, I'll be putting this set together and chasing the remaining 41 base cards I need.

So all in all I am very, very pleased with this box. Nine hits for under thirty bucks, with a shot at some really great minor league autos of some of the top young players and prospects in the game is a phenomenal bargain in my mind. I pulled base cards of three Dodger prospects - Kyle Russell, Josh Lindblom (whose auto from this set I purchased from my local some months ago), and Ethan Martin - and had a great time busting the box. In fact, it was so enjoyable, I might be doing it again. And soonish.


  1. That set is great to bust. I stil have a lot of leftovers for trade and will probably end up busting more after I get the two 2011 sets I am working on finished.

    I already have the Blackmon auto, but if get any #'d Blackmons or ANY Christian Friedrich other than the base card let me know please.

  2. Oh and BTW I probably have the 41 you need as I have one full set about 8 cards shy of a 2nd full set. Email me your needs and we can work something out.

  3. I'll let you know if I pull anything Rockies.

    In fact, you'll see if I pull anything.

    That sentence referencing another box is accurate; I've got another to bust. If I'm short on the remaining 41, we can add that onto the Piazza bat relic you've got in our next trade.