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Monday, May 9, 2011

Box Break: 2008 TriStar Prospects Plus Part 2

So, as referenced at the end of my first break of this product a couple of days ago, I liked this product so much I decided to break another box. Well, that, and I bought both boxes at the same time, along with the box of Fleer Platinum I busted yesterday, as a gift to myself for my upcoming graduation and being accepted into Grad School.

My first box yielded a pretty nice hit in the Tim Beckham Cut Auto /50, as well as just under 73% of the base set. So the only goals I had going into this break were to finish the base set and pull a couple of nice cards. Thankfully, I met both of those goals. And a quick thanks goes out to Johnny for offering to help with the remainder of the base set. Good collation on TriStar's part negates that need.

The two big hits of the box:

Michael Inoa, Oakland

Inoa's an intriguing guy, as he signed for a big bonus out of the Dominican. His name also has multiple spellings. Kind of reminds me of Ubaldo Jimenez in terms of his frame and build. Unfortunately for him, he had Tommy John surgery last summer and won't pitch this season.

The one problem with this card, as you can clearly see, stems from the usage of stickers. I guess that's part of another of Inoa's autos. A nice card still, and one I'm holding onto to see where Inoa ends up at upon his return from injury. I couldn't find any having been listed on eBay, including completed auctions.


The Davis is a definite keeper, though I could see myself putting it up on eBay in the future. I only saw one listed, and it was a completed Best Offer auction that sold for $18. Very nice.

The rest of the hits:

Diamondbacks-drafted, traded to the Tigers.


Dude's signature looks like Andre Ethier's.


This goes nicely with the Forsythe Auto I pulled form the first box.

25/25, Padres

I do believe a certain Johnny will want this.

Everything outside of the Inoa, Davis, and Blackmon is available.

All in all a fun three boxes busted, and I particularly enjoyed the TriStar boxes. I was able to finish the base set off and pull a troika of really nice hits in the Tim Beckham Cut Auto, Inoa Auto, and Davis Quad Jersey. Plus some Trade Bait cards and a few extras I can send off to other people in trades. I will undoubtedly be breaking more of this product, and if I could ever afford to, a case would certainly be in order.


  1. Yes yes yes I will. Thank you much. I busted four of those boxes and didn't get one parallel of either of the two Rockies (although I did get a Blackmon auto).

  2. I thought it might interest you. I will set it aside for you and include it in the Piazza bat deal.

    I love 2008 TriStar. Such an awesome product.