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Friday, May 27, 2011

Four Russell Martin Relics For Six Bucks

Deals like this, well, I just don't like passing them up. Each jersey relic was 99 cents, with two bucks to ship the small lot my way. Thank you, kind eBay seller. These arrived yesterday. I was happy.

A nice little rainbow of Spectrum Swatches.

The red parallel is #'d 28/35, the green is 26/50, and the purple is 42/55. Not sure how they came up with the incredibly random numbering, but I really like Spectrum Swatches. UD put out some beautiful cards. You know, before shooting themselves in the foot.

Shy Ronnie Style.

Upper Deck X, another great release from way back when in 2008.

I like the direction my Russ Martin collection is heading.

That is all.


  1. Nice PC additions Greg... especially the rainbow... and you can't beat the price you acquired them for.

  2. I love the Spectrum set! They do have some random numberings lol. I have a Juan Pierre #/9

  3. Thanks gentlemen!

    And out of 9 Jesse? Haha, that's beyond random. Pure strange.