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Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Only Ripken Card Worth Owning

Okay. That might not be entirely true. But I digress.

We all know the legend and hoopla behind this awesome card. So when I had the chance to grab it as part of an eight card lot at my local shop (everything else fell into the category of 2010 Ginter hits, outside of a Jeff Bagwell relic that will be headed over to Sam) for just $10, I couldn't say no, as you might have imagined. That's right, this bad boy cost me just $1.25; deal deal deal!

My local also had a couple of other variations of this card; in fact, I had actually stumbled upon the other variations first, before thinking to myself how cool it would be to own the most famous iteration of this Fleer masterpiece. So, if I can somehow dig up the others I had come across that fateful day, I'd grab 'em, perhaps working my way towards a Billy Ripken Rainbow.

But really, I still don't see the hubbub over this card. Is having the makings of a partial unibrow really that big of a deal. Wally Moon....

Oh wait, that's not what caused the ruckus.

It was the fact that "Rick Face" was a clear shot at Rick Astley, right? Because I love that guy; deep voice masking the fact that he's a pale white ginger.

That wasn't it either, come to think of it.

I still can't believe they let this card hit the printing presses. And it wasn't even a Topps mistake.

I may - or may not - be using my
Andre Ethier finger as my own Vanna White.

It goes without saying that this sweet piece of vulgarity gets the screwdown treatment.


  1. Sweet pick-up! That is a classic card from the 80s. Where is your local card shop? The one by my place kinda sucks and is owned by a Giant fan.

  2. I have the black out version. Yours is much better. Classic card that speaks volumes.

  3. I'll e-mail you the info later tonight Mike.

    Haha, I'd certainly prefer this version Julie.

  4. I bought one, and then about a year later I pulled one from a pack (about 3 months ago). Love this card. And mine is in a screw down too haha.

  5. I would absolutely love to pull a card like this Tim. And is there anything else but a screwdown for this card? Haha, a common toploader would be a major insult!

  6. My uncensored version and my black box version are both in top loaders. Out of guilt and to show proper respect, I guess i'd better get a screw down.

  7. TttB- Guilt it is! I would say definitely a screwdown for the uncensored version, but a toploader probably suffices for the black box variation.