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Monday, July 18, 2011

The Dodgers Have A Better Minor League System Than You've Been Led To Believe

Thanks for the birthday wishes guys! It was a great day/night.

The contest is still open, as are Bonus Questions # 2 and # 3. The contest will finally end at some point this week. Probably the end of said week.

This post will be light on content but heavy on Dodger minor leaguers. Granted, two of these guys have already had stints in the show this season. I was stoked when the Dodgers were able to sign Gould a couple of years back.

This lot was $8.24 delivered.


  1. Sweet pick ups!

    I just bought that same Gould yesterday.

  2. Thanks! I got lucky that the seller had the Gould, because I had no idea he had a certified auto until I stumbled upon this one.