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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Site News: It's My Birthday! And Important Contest Info.

I am 22 today. I am an old man. My life up until this point?


My card collecting since I re-entered the hobby about a year ago?

Much, much more successful. Which is probably why I spend much too much money on cards more often than I should.

I digress.

Thank you to everyone who has entered my contest, played pimp and spread the word on it, and answered some easy bonus questions. A few quick notes on said contest. First, Bonus Questions # 2 and # 3 are still open for anyone who has yet to answer them and pick up some extra entries. If you have yet to actually enter the contest itself, you can still do that. And if you have yet to, you can still promote the contest if you'd like.

And for those of you who have read this far, there is one more opportunity to pick up another entry as this contest quickly winds its way to completion. One person can pick up an extra entry this time around, and only one. I need a favor.

I need someone to get me in contact with Nick Jacoby. You know, of Ginter cracking and Cardboard Overload fame. We have exchanged e-mails a few times about a trade, but I haven't heard back from him in about four months. And I need to know where our proposed trade stands. Because I really want what he was offering. So if anyone can reconnect me with him, I'd appreciate it. And mention to him why you're inquiring, and for him to mention your name to me, and I will give you a bonus entry.

That may seem cheap, but hey, I hate trade talks breaking down.

I understand that may make some of you uncomfortable, and I understand if you have no interest in this bonus possibility. But if you do have a direct line to him, maybe something along the lines of, "Hey, I know this cool cat who has a bunch of great Ginter stuff to offer you, you should totally hit him up." That would be just swell.

Just for anyone who may not already know, my future wife, who you see above, is the sister of Dodgers' reliever Blake Hawksworth. Needless to say, I'm simply smitten. If anyone can put me into contact with her (and perhaps get me a date) you can just have most of my cards.


They're not that important to me.

So yeah.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone.


  1. Happy Birthday man! 22? I thought you were older than me for some reason haha, so surprise surprise. I remember 22 being a damn good year for me, so hopefully it will be for you as well!

  2. Happy birthday, youngin'! I'm surprised to learn I have a full decade on you. Wow. I feel old now!

  3. Happy Birthday! And that's Blake Hawksworth's sister? Dang.....

  4. Happy Birthday dude! I remember 22 about 20 years ago, lots of fun!!
    If I could hook you up with that beauty, I would, she is georgous!

  5. Happy birthday. I can't believe you don't remember the '80s. That's crazy.

    I have no chance of introducing you to Erin Hawksworth. Gals like that don't even know old men like me exist. Not that it matters, because of the wife and everything.

  6. Happy birthday bro. If I knew her, I wouldn't be able to help you, because I would be going through a divorce. Yeah...that was wrong, but damn, she's hot.

  7. Happy Berfday there young pup!! I can't remember back to 22 anymore, hell, 32 is a distance memory now!! I got you by a full two decades!! Hope you had a GReat day. Sorry I can't help you with either of your quests.

  8. Happy birthday. I have sweaters older than you! Of course that also means I have a lot of cool cards that I got new for a penny. So there.

  9. Have a good birthday,dude! Also Erin Hawksworth is with me for the next several weeks. Sorry but I don't like sharing.

  10. 22 years old, I got zits older than that.

  11. Happy Birthday dude! Hope all is well! :)

  12. Was there a post here or something...I got distracted.

    Oh yea, happy birthday. It seems the theme here is 2. Your 22, she's got 2...never mind.

  13. Happy birthday man. Your birthday present from me is that you coincidentally won my contest! Send your address my way and I'll get the bobble out this week.

    Great picture and song too!

  14. Gracias everyone!

    Tim- 22 started out pretty swell, so hopefully that continues!

    Ryan G.- Don't worry, I feel older than 22 haha.

    Justin- Yes, Blake Hawksworth has a beyond gorgeous sister. She should totally be at EVERY game. And his place on the team is cemented for eternity.

    B.A.- Haha, thanks man!

    Fellow Greg of the Night- Yes, the 80s are no part of my memory. Which sucks, because the Dodgers had rings then haha. And yes, the wife....

    Spankee- Thanks! And yes, you can have a pass, I don't need to be causing mass divorces amongst the card blogging community haha.

    db- Thanks, it was great!

    A.J.- Thanks yo!

    Hackenbush- Haha, indeed. Age has its benefits.

    Spiegel- Thanks! And no! Sharing is caring my friend. Sharing. Caring. Stop hogging Erin!!!

    Nathan- Thank you!

    John- Hahahaha, about that.

    Roberto- Thanks man, everything's pretty good right now! I still need to run into you at a signing sometime! Hope everything's good with you and your new addition! Congrats on that!!

    PATP- That made me laugh for forever! And yes, she does :)

    Ryan- Woooo! I shall e-mail you today. And yes, that picture is great. The song too.

  15. not sure what happened to my original reply here. I had a trade going with Nick a while back and finally abandoned it after months of no reply, so good luck.

    And HBD as well!

  16. Blogger is a fickle mistress Rhubarb. I'm guessing Wordpress doesn't have these types of issues haha.

    And yeah, I might ordinarily abandon the trade, but what I am after is ridiculously awesome.

    And thanks!

  17. All credit goes to SpastikMooss for directing me to this post :)

    So sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you guys...I got so burnt out on cards after staring at them for three weeks working on last year's Ginter Code...didn't pick up a card until Ginter started hitting this year!!

    Shoot me an email and I promise to respond quicker this time!! :)

    Nick J.