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Saturday, July 2, 2011

I Prefer Vintage Koufax, Drysdale, and Snider Over A Blaster.

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And thanks to everyone who has entered so far! If you have yet to enter, what are you waiting for? GO! NOW!


Not that a blaster isn't an interesting option every once in a while. Particularly with all of the retail Gypsy Queen luck I've seen posted on seemingly every blog from here to somewhere that is not here.

However, even with all of the semi-recent Retail Mojo, there's still no guarantee that you'll get any sort of hit. And if I'm shelling out twenty bucks, I'd like a guaranteed hit, even if it ends up being a scrub jersey relic. I've never pulled any sort of hit from a blaster, but did get lucky before I got back into the hobby with a rack pack or two, pulling a Dan Haren jersey relic and black-bordered refractor of Andrew McCutchen (since traded to Cardboard Heaven) from 2010 Heritage, #'d /61. This came before I knew anything about cards and how awesome the McCutchen pull really was.

Hell, they may have actually come out of the same rack pack. But it's been so long, my horrible memory can't recall.

So, with no urge whatsoever to splurge on a blaster, I turned to eBay and went in a different direction: vintage Dodgers. I walked away with three absolutely stunning, amazing cards of three of the best Dodgers of all-time, three guys enshrined in the Hall Of Fame. And all in pretty good condition, and at very reasonable prices.

Always appreciated qualities of vintage.

/I have no idea what I was aiming for when I wrote the above sentence, but it's so odd that I'm just going to leave it be.

So, without further adieu:

Koufax: $12.00 shipped (winning bid: 9.05)
Snider: $6.99 shipped (winning bid: 4.99 - only bidder)
Drysdale: $4.38 shipped (winning bid: 1.88)

The Koufax has a tiny pinhole along the top border. Which is fine by me. The cheaper the card, the better for me.


And now to pimp a contest myself, this one over at Rants, reviews and fandom. Check it out, some sweet prizes up for grabs!


  1. You won! Definitely better than a blaster. I'm about done with retail after a bad experience yesterday.

  2. Way better than a blaster! The Koufax is sweet.

  3. Certainly better than a blaster. My problem with guaranteed hits in blasters is that it usually lowers the total number of cards per dollar compared to other packages, at least in Topps products. For $20 you can get a flagship blaster with a "guaranteed hit" manupatch and 80 other cards, or for $20 buy four rack packs, total of 144 cards with a chance for a real hit (granted, those are searchable). But I pulled a Heyward auto from a rack pack earlier this year.

  4. Dude, those cards are bomb. You must spend a lot of time on ebay because you always find some great cards and bargains.

  5. Thanks peeps!

    jbf- Saw your post about that today. Sorry man.

    TLC- I love the Koufax. My first playing-era card of him! Somehow forgot to mention that haha.

    Ryan G.- Heyward! Sweet pull!

    Spiegel- Yes, yes I do. Too much time more often than not haha. But my eBay splurge (mega-splurge I suppose) is winding down quickly.

  6. I'd take those over a blaster in a heartbeat.