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Sunday, July 3, 2011

My Russell Martin Collection Hits The Century Mark, In Minor League Fashion

I like rainbows. I mean, who doesn't like rainbows? They're colorful, awesome, and sometimes doubly-awesome. So when I saw this Russell Martin minor league parallel auto with no bids, I couldn't let it pass me by. Especially considering I did not yet have it, though I do own the regular version.

It also served as Russell Martin number 100!

Oh, and it only cost me 99 cents plus shipping. Hell, the shipping was three and a half times the actual price.


But I'm cool with that, as I added another card for another 99 cents to reduce the shipping burden. That card has yet to be posted. May never be. Meh.

Wait, I was taking about colorful rainbows, wasn't I?


If you have yet to enter into my first ever contest, you can do so here.

After a trade post tomorrow, the first Contest Bonus Question will arrive on Tuesday. I realized that a lot of people would be busy with Fourth of July festivities and hangovers. Granted, those are one in the same.

But still.

Just thought I'd give more people an opportunity to have the bonus points available to them.

Transformers in like four hours.