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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Newest Jerry Sands Swag

Jerry Sands made an appearance at a card shop - the same shop where my "Super Box" originated from - a few months back. I don't remember the reason, but I was unable to attend. I wasn't too distraught because Jerry was scheduled to sign at another card shop a few weeks later.

However, that fell through when Jerry was optioned back to AAA. Though I already had an autographed card, I had been looking forward to meeting him in person and picking up a signed 8x10 to add to my modest Sands PC. Thankfully, the great eBay exists.

During one of my Sands searches, I came across some nice looking 8x10s, and found out that they were from the shop where he had signed at. After a few moments, I decided to bid, and thankfully won this sweet piece.

This exact item, certified by PSA/DNA, would have run me over thirty bucks had I met Jerry in person. From their eBay store, it cost just under fifteen bucks.

Stoked, I am.


  1. that's a great deal. Did it come from SB Cards ebay store?

  2. Indeed, a great deal. And yeah, SBay's eBay store.