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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Oooh, I Got Me One Of Them Newfangled Kershaw Diamond Die-Cuts

And for only $6.75, with a sterling winning bid of just 4.25.

I have to imagine the relative inexpensiveness of this fantastic and truly aesthetically-pleasing die-cut was due to the fact that the eBay seller had a whopping feedback score of 0. But I'm nothing if not a trusting soul, so I eschewed the non-existent feedback and bid away. I mean, everyone starts out on eBay at some point, right? This guy or gal just happened to be completely new to the site.

The seller did not disappoint, leaving me feedback and shipping the CK DDC very quickly. Having faith in others does occasionally pay off.

I absolutely love this card. A great shot of Clayton, the die-cut is just pure awesome, and the diamond behind Kershaw is all types of shiny.

My real question is how short-printed are these bad boys? I know the black diamond die-cuts are numbered to 60, so I'm guessing these have a print run of about 100 or so? Maybe?

Any ideas are welcome.

[Scan borrowed from the always entertaining Night Owl. Because he had the card first and thus the scan. And because he's a fellow Greg. So it's all kosher and what not.]

My contest is still available to anyone who has yet to enter. Bonus # 2 debuted yesterday. Earn yourself another entry, why don't ya. And as always, pimping of said contest is always appreciated. And extra entry worthy.


  1. Congrats!

    I believe the print-run on those non-black diamond diecuts is around 250 or possibly a little higher.

  2. I was looking on the diamond giveaway and Gregs right at least 250 per series. Looks like 250 were onlocked in Series 1 and so far 7 have been onlocked in series 2, so if we figure that they will be unlocking equal amounts of these card in Series 1, 2 and Update and not adding to the checklist I would think it's safe to say that the total print run would be about 750? I just noticed this on the website. I unlocked a die cut Tulo and am actively trying to trade him away for a Braun or Fielder, so far no luck. Check out the trading area and you can see the quantity unlocked of each card.

  3. Thanks gentlemen. I have no account with Topps for this promotion, so I appreciate the feedback!