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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another Manny Ramirez Rookie Card Bites The Dust

I long ago made it a goal of mine to acquire every Manny Ramirez rookie card from 1992. There happen to be seven of them in existence, putting aside parallels of any kind. I was in need of two as of Sunday. A trip to my LCS quickly chopped that number in half.

For a measly two bucks, I was able to pick up Manny's 1992 Score RC, and in excellent condition to top off the expenditure of two George Washingtons.

Because I now have a scanner, and have gone scan-crazy, you get a shot of the back of the above card. For no other reason than I had time. And a scanner.

Manny was so young back then. I'd recommend he get a powder blue turtleneck to go with that chain. The guy somehow lasted until pick number thirteen. I assume the Indians were jumping for joy when he fell to them. I would imagine.

I am left with just one more rookie card to acquire. 1992 Pinnacle. Card number 295. When I acquire it, I shall post on all seven. And then figure out how to acquire the sweet gold foil-y parallel of one of his 1992 Bowman cards my local has.

On another note, I needed a way to fit this picture in a post. I figure there is no better time than the present, right? What you are about to see is a young teen camped out for the Matt Kemp signing I recently had the pleasure of attending. He decided sleep was paramount. So he slept. On the ground of a Metro PCS parking lot. A roach-infested Metro PCS parking lot.

The things people do.

(thanks for the pic DB)

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