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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

An Al Rosen For Your Thoughts

I came across this 1953 Red Man Al Rosen card on the Bay, and took it down - as the sole bidder - for $6.48 delivered. Al Rosen is the man who encompasses my primary vintage collection, and I always enjoy picking up a new card of his, due to the fact that he was a fantastic player before injuries severely shortened his career, his cards are affordable, and a new Rosen means a new piece of vintage cardboard. It's an all-around winning combination.

This is my second Rosen Red Man, and the first of the two to come my way with the tab on the bottom still intact. I would imagine the Red Man cards with the tabs still attached are rarer and thus more valuable, monetarily speaking.

Here, for comparison's sake, is my other Al Red Man, the 1954 offering, sans tab. My preference is for the '54 simply because the red background is just nails all around.

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