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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

OH SNAP Pickup: Matt Kemp 2009 Topps Triple Threads Rising Stars Auto/Dual Relic

Nothing to brighten my day like a sick Matt Kemp hit. I was able to land this beauty, my first Triple Threads hit of Matty, for less than the price of a blaster. Which is in and of itself an awesome thing. Add in that Triple Threads puts out some really aesthetically-pleasing (but way to pricey to bust) cards and I'm even more thrilled to have snagged this baby.

This card was an easy buy. It's a Kemp auto, it was affordable, and the jersey pieces spell out Bison. And we all know how much I love that nickname. Numbered 95/99, the card features two different pieces of jersey: your standard grey, from the Dodgers' road uniforms, and some sort of old-timey wool swatch. Not really sure where that comes from but it's whatever, in all honesty.

I'm just excited for another excellent addition to my Matt Kemp PC. This marks Kemp autograph number six when it comes to certified autographs in card form. I have three in-person autos of The Bison, and will hopefully have the opportunity to add to both categories in the future.

Before I depart for the day, I should mention there's a contest shaping up over at The Card Hobbyist. Check it out!


  1. Very nice sir. I have to agree, I love getting some of the cards I want out of Triple Threads every year, but for the price point it's way to expensive for what you get. Unless you hit a book or some other crazy card you'd never get you money out of it. Is it me or does it seem that TTT looks way to similar from year to year? Maybe they do that on purpose.

  2. I love the old timey stitching! I too have no idea where it would've come from, but it's cool!

  3. Mark- It does look similar, but I guess why change a good thing, right? Personally, I like the look. Plus, it's not like Topps has to change it, considering there's not any competition.

    Tim- Cool indeed!