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Thursday, September 29, 2011

A New Clayton Kershaw and A Pair Of Insane 99 Cent Patches

For a cool 99 cents (and two and a half bucks to ship it my way), I was able to snag this absolutely sick Calvin Johnson patch off of the Bay. I was shocked that my bid held up, but oh so happy to add a second sick Johnson patch to my Patch Collection.

It is numbered 11/50, has lots of color, and some nice stitching as well. If anyone out there - Lions fans or otherwise - can tell me from where on Megatron's jersey this comes from, I'd be much appreciative.

Next up, a sweet Kevin Kolb patch I took down for 99 cents from my LCS's eBay store. So, add in free shipping, and 99 cents for a sweet four-color patch (with plenty of stitching) numbered 29/50? Yes please. Again, if anyone can inform me of exactly where on Kolb's Eagles jersey this patch originated from, I'd enjoy the knowledge injection.

And finally, it's rare that a cool Clayton Kershaw pickup doesn't lead off a post, but there's a first time for everything, they say. For about the price of a pack of whatever you fancy, I added this nice Sepia Parallel Mini from 2011 Gypsy Queen - #'d 44/99 - to my Kershaw PC. The blue smudge is not on the card, but in all likelihood resides somewhere on my scanner. I should probably get to cleaning it. Probably.

The Kershaw actually has a bit of a crazy story behind it, which I'll shorten considerably. I won the item and paid, but eBay didn't accept the payment. The seller had the wrong PayPal address attached to his account, and after a few days I finally got the right address. Cancelled the original payment, re-paid, but he said he was new to the whole process and couldn't figure it all out. His girlfriend finally alerted him that everything was fine, and after about a two to three week period, this bad boy was mine. Totally worth it though.

Quickly, a cool postseason-themed contest over at The Great Orioles Autograph Project. Check it out, check it outers!


  1. Wow, sick patches indeed! The Megatron looks number-y to me, either part of the inside of an 8 or the top of the 1 upside down. I'm no expert though haha.

    The Kolb looks more nameplate-y.

  2. I do believe you are correct Tim....thanks for the help!