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Monday, October 24, 2011

I Had A Fever, and The Only Prescription Was Cheap Anaheim Ducks Cards.

All made possible through the wonders of eBay. Ah, free shipping done right is what you'll find below.

Ryan Getzlaf is my favorite hockey player. I scored this sweet 2005-2006 UD Beehive RC of his for $0.01. That's right. One measly penny with free shipping to boot. There are at least four colored parallels of this Getz RC. This one is the red parallel, as the border makes eminently clear.

And of course, as is customary with eBay, one should always check a seller's other listings when shipping charges are reasonable, discounts are offered, or as was the case here, shipping is free. The seller's other listings proved to be fruitful, as he was able to further medicate my fever.

Another RC from 2005-2006 UD Beehive Hockey, and this time the blue parallel of the man who is the reigning NHL MVP. The Perry checks in at six cents. A steal, of course.

And finally, my first Paul Kariya hit! I'm sure Fuji's heart is all aflutter. It's #'d 095/225, and depicts Paul wearing the Captain's C, which I very much like. I'm also especially pleased with the design of the card. Very classy, an action shot of Paul, and a nice-sized swatch, even with the failed attempt to make it seem like a dual relic. Paul was my most expensive purchase from this seller, running me a buck and a quarter.

I also picked up a Dion Phaneuf RC from the Beehive set pictured twice above, which was fifteen cents. So all in all, four cards - three of them keepers - for a grand total of $1.47. The Phaneuf is available (....interested Robert?).


  1. Absolutely I'm interested. We'll keep adding on until we get a decent enough amount of cards to send each other. Remember I have the Selanne relic set aside for you. (Thanks for the link as well, always appreciated !!)

  2. It is yours good sir! And thanks for setting the Selanne aside for me....another epic trade is shaping up!