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Monday, October 17, 2011

A Roy Campanella From 1952

Snagged this beauty for $9.50 delivered from eBay, with a winning bid of six fifty. A vintage Campy makes any day a good day. This particular mailday was sweet even without the Roy C., as a plate, auto, and a second auto from a trade all arrived in one fell swoop. But those are posts for another day.

I absolutely love this card. 1952 Bowman in general is fantastic, and add in that it's a fantastic shot of Roy, the card has still retained its full color, and it has a distinctly Spring Training feel to it, and things get even better. Also, it books high for $250 large. Yes, there's a large horizontal crease exactly across the middle of the card, but still. It's another sweet vintage addition to my Roy collection, which has a post of its own coming down the road fairly soonish.

That crease is what we call character and love. Two things that are severely lacking nowadays amongst us non-card human beings.


  1. niiiiiice. I got my '53 Topps Campy for 25 bucks shipped ... http://picturecardsandbubblegum.tumblr.com/post/10524234312/1953-topps-roy-campanella-i-was-going-to-save

    but that's a real deal

  2. That '53 is sweet Ben! I'm lucky enough to have one myself. Not in as good of condition as yours but I grabbed it for about half the price, so it evens out haha.

  3. Character is where it's at and that card is loaded with it. I'd rather have a card like that one where I can feel the history than some shiny rookie prospect.