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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Trade With This Card Is Cool: My Twentieth Russell Martin Autograph

I completed my second trade with Ryan from This Card Is Cool. Our first swap can be viewed here. This time around, Ryan posted that he had a Martin sig I might be interested in. I was - but of course - and was very happy that it turned out to be one I did not already own. A couple of quick e-mails back and forth followed, and in return for a Tony Gwynn relic and a few cards for his Awards and Leaders Collection, Ryan sent this beauty my way.

As the title makes mention of, this marks my twentieth different Martin auto. Ryan also chipped in a new Kershaw (and he's paired with Koufax to boot!).

And finally, this sparkly Jason Heyward Rookie Cup card.

Before I forget, Ryan included one other great item in the bubbler he sent along. Not everyone who sends a package sends a note, and I have rarely if ever included said note. I believe it has happened just once, in fact. But when your note looks like this, it gets scanned, no questions asked.


Ryan has a knack for sending me great Martin hits, and hopefully that awesome trend continues! Thanks for another great trade Ryan!


  1. I'm glad you liked the cards, especially the hand-picked Martin! I tend to forget to send out that old-time card, but I'm glad you like it too.

  2. I did, I did! Hopefully yours have arrived already.

  3. It did - I guess the post hasn't hit yet. I know I wrote it already!

  4. Nice! Thanks again for the sweet trade!

  5. Hey Greg. Out of curiosity, where doe the bottom card come from? Is it a modern issue? It has a look of a late 19th Century- early 20th Century lithograph die-cut, but is hard to tell without having a chance to take a closer look. I'm not familiar with it.

  6. Ernest: It's a greeting card, made by a company called The Gifted Line. It's from a line called Victorian Charms (I'm reading right off the back). The copyright date is 1992 so they might not be made anymore, but they're certainly modern. It's just large enough that a baseball card can fit inside. And yes, it is die-cut. I can send you one if you want to send me your address (my email is linked through my profile).