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Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Base Card Can Most Certainly Still Excite Me.

When it's this base card, you're damn right I can get excited and scream "that's really fricking awesome!". Or something like that. Anyways, it's really a shame it took me this long to acquire this 2009 Allen & Ginter base card of Clayton Kershaw. I've seen it around the blogosphere plenty of times before, but wasn't collecting at the time of its release and had yet to pick one up, for whatever the reasons were.

Thankfully, it made its presence known to me - it wanted me to buy it, I'm sure - on a recent trip to my LCS, and it was more or less a throw-in with a purchase of relics/autos I made. And if Topps were to ever re-use a picture over and over and over and over again from year to year, set to set, you'd think it would be this one. Because Clayton looks positively badass.

Of course, I still love me some autographs and jersey swatches and bat pieces and super sick patches. But a simple base card of my favorite pitcher and one of my primary collecting interests can still bring me happiness and joy. And that's really what life is all about. So thanks Clayton for taking a ridiculously insanely great picture. And thanks Topps for using it in the always wonderful A&G. I definitely need to get my hands on the various mini versions of this card.


  1. Nothing wrong with a base card.

    That was one of the top cards of 2009 according to my little countdown show.

    I've got a few different variations of the card. They're all tremendous.

  2. Indeed they are. I need to acquire said variations. Soon, hopefully.

  3. Yay for basecards! Without them, inserts would not exist. Or something like that.