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Sunday, November 6, 2011

A River Runs Through The Real World Series Beard

Just some random stuff I picked up, none of which are connected to one another beyond the fact that they were ridiculously cheap and all came from my LCS in some fashion. Onwards....

Philip Rivers is an elite quarterback. He's played nothing like one this season. Maybe he's injured, or maybe it's just a really bad season, a fluke (certainly an outlier compared with the beginning of his NFL career). I'm not worried long-term, and hell, I'm not even worried about the remainder of this season. Rivers, even as bad as he has been in 2011, is the least of the Chargers' problems. Antonio Gates' health and getting a good head coach are much more pressing issues. Anyways, this jersey relic is #'d 060/190, and is my first hit of Philip (which surprised me quite a bit, as I could have sworn I already owned a relic of his). Snagged it from my LCS's eBay store for a buck forty. Yay for local pickup!

Next up, a card that I'd come across in a box at my local time and time again. I never grabbed it, but figured now was as good a time as any, what with the Cards winning it all, Motte on the mound for the final out, and Allen & Ginter on-card autos being awesomely awesome. It was part of a lot of relics/autos I bought, and was about two bucks when I broke it down item by item. I've always liked Motte; maybe it's the converted catcher who throws near triple digits quality he has, or the fact that he grows a mean beard. And I'm a man who appreciates good facial hair. Speaking of which, I'll be participating in Movember. I enter this month with a full beard, not too full but more than stubble. I'm definitely not shaving or trimming my mustache in any way, shape, or form, but I'm torn on whether I should keep the rest of my beard trimmed and neat. Suggestions are welcome.

I knew this wouldn't scan well, and yet I scanned it anyways. This was just lying around at my LCS, and I had never seen it before. Which is generally rare for an item there, because I've probably searched through just about everything at least twice. This is a promotional hologram card they gave out at the stadium back in 1992. My shop's owner was telling me all about it, and how he had a ton of 'em. I landed it for a buck, and it gets all 3D-y when you shift it in light. I legitimately couldn't stop fiddling with it at the shop, and it had the owner and one of the other guys who works there laughing their asses off. It's not my fault I was three when these came out; this is the first time I've ever seen one. For the record, I still can't stop fiddling with the card. It's just so cool, I feel like I'm a little kid again.


  1. early 90's hologram that was a stadium giveaway? pure awesomeness!

  2. If you can find another one of those stadium holograms for me, I've got a gold parallel of Sands I can send you.

  3. That DS hologram is sweet! I'm gonna join you at your LCS one of these days.

  4. Fuji- My thoughts exactly!

    Night Owl- I'll check next time I'm in!

    DB- Thanks! And you need to! You won't regret it!