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Sunday, November 20, 2011

My First Allen & Ginter RIP Card and Contest Clarification.

RIP cards in Allen & Ginter fall about one per case, from what I've read. I've never purchased a case, and it will be quite some time before I could even afford to buy a case. In my short time collecting, I've picked up two boxes of Ginter - one in 2010 and one in 2011. The best card I've pulled is a Matt Kemp jersey relic from my '10 box, and it's one of my favorite cards.

But after a trip to my LCS, I now am the proud owner of a genuine RIP card. As you might expect (and as you can clearly see), it's been ripped - and it wasn't torn into by me - which is why I was able to pick it up for a dollar or two. It's numbered 80/99 and features James Loney on the front.

Contest! Go nab yourself an entry or two and be in line to win some free swag. Yes, I said swag. And quickly, some clarification. I feel this is necessary because as I found myself thinking about the contest yesterday, even I was confused by my own guidelines. First, the obvious: if someone guesses the exact price, he or she wins. Here's where the clarification comes in and is very much needed. If nobody guesses the price and we go to the randomizer, everyone who placed a guess gets an entry into said randomizer. Those who pimped the contest get a second entry, and those whose original guess was within two dollars get an entry. So, three total entries into the randomization process are possible to attain. Hope that clears it up, as it did, at the least, for me.


  1. $13.27

    Know anyone interested in a ripped 2007 A&G Gary Matthews [68/99]?

  2. Contest has been pimped, do I get a second guess at the price Greg?

  3. I don't Rhubarb, but perhaps check with Tom from The Angels, In Order. He's the only Angels fan I've traded with thus far.

    Robert- Just one guess, but I do appreciate you pimping the contest!

  4. Nice. Even ripped those rip cards still can go for some decent money. I've been lucky I pulled one this year and last year. And it took all my will power not to rip it. I ended up selling both of them and they pretty much paid for their boxes.

  5. I'd love to pull one Mark....congrats on picking up a pair!