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Thursday, December 1, 2011

A December To Remember Begins With A Sick Russell Martin Mailday

December is shaping up to be perhaps the best month of 2011 for me. So, I figured there was only one way to start the month off, and that's with a tremendously amazing Russell Martin pickup. I found a lonely auction on eBay without a bidder, and I just couldn't rationalize not adding this sweet hit to my Martin PC.

A triple relic that is truly a triple relic. What a novel concept, am I right? This beauty - the emerald parallel, and numbered 43/50 - marks my third Russ auto/triple relic combination, and it's by far my favorite of the troika. For a measly $7.94 delivered, I added this fantastic card which features Russ' autograph, a white piece of a home jersey, a bat slice, and a nice blue patch which comes from the "Dodgers" or "Los Angeles" across the front of Russ' uniform. You can also see a bit of stitching creeping out of the far right of the blue piece.

My other two Martin triple relic/autos are below, and this is my second from 2008 Triple Threads.


  1. Nice pick up. How many Russell Martins do you have now?

  2. Thanks! 165 unique cards: 22 autos, 3 Printing Plates, another pair of 1/1s, and over 20 relics. Plus a handful of goodies I've yet to post.