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Friday, December 2, 2011

Trade With The Chronicles Of Fuji: A Masterful Performance From The Chargers Would Be Swell.

I completed my second trade with Fuji of The Chronicles Of Fuji. I had been setting some cards aside for him, and saw a handful of cards that interested me after looking through his trade bait. I sent some PC autos and relics his way - along with some 80s RCs - and in return added these four sweet hits to my collection.

Donnie Edwards, a man after my own heart, as he was a great Chargers linebacker, a Southern California native, and attended UCLA where he played both football and baseball. What a Renaissance Man. This is my second Edwards autograph, and this particular one is #'d 222/299. It does raise an interesting issue though; do I place this in the section of my PC box designated for Chargers cards, or for UCLA alum? I'm certain it will end up landing in the former.

Damn, it's hard to beat 2008 Masterpieces. Mr. Zimmerman here even brought a beautiful red swatch to the party, further cementing Masterpieces' epic greatness. When I saw Fuji had this card up for grabs, I knew I couldn't let it slip past me. Zim's an elite third baseman, and one of those is hard to come by. As a Dodgers fan, I can fully attest to that. The lettering UD chose to utilize for "Upper Deck" and "Masterpieces" entirely reminds me of Lord of the Rings. Moving on....

I'd be remiss if I had let the above remain with Fuji and not reside in my collection, what with Gary Sheffield being one of the greatest offensive talents to ever put on a Dodgers uniform. I find the color scheme Pacific used for this card to be oddly calming. No idea why though. Oh, and it appears there's a horse in the background between Gary and the Authentic logo, right above and slightly to the left of the bat piece. The things my mind notices....

The fourth and final card I snagged is this sweet 2005-2006 UD Bee Hive relic of former Duck and future Hall of Famer Sergei Fedorov. Again, hard to pass up a hit of a Hall of Famer, even though he only spent 85 games in Anaheim (putting up 66 points in the process). Fedorov is currently lacing them in the KHL. Looking at the old Mighty Ducks logo and colors is a nice change of pace.

Oh, and it wouldn't be a Fuji package without his calling card, a beautiful red ink on-card autograph. Thanks for another awesome trade Fuji!

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